Poll for Planning:  Many classmates have requested
that we keep the class site up so we can all stay
in touch, and many don't do Facebook.  Classmates
have also requested that photos be posted to the
site so everyone could enjoy everyone's photos.
Classmates have also requested Bears to post
their birthdays and other important dates to the
calendar so they can send Bear wishes.  Lastly,
just about everybody at the reunion wanted to
know if we could do a reunion in 5 years or have
informal get togethers annually for those who
wanted to meet for a weekend of fun.  We have
put up a poll to get the overall opinion of the
calss.  Cheers to 1970!
1) Would you like to keep the class site up to see photos & keep in touch.
2) Would you like to have our next reunion in?
1 year
5 years
10 years
Casual every summer & big 45!
Casual every summer & big 50!
No more reunions!

3) Is there a doctor in the class?
Rob Fox
Steve Timm
Joan Boyle
Craig Nichols
Jennifer Marcy Scheidles
All of the above
4) What famous people were born 3/1952
Bob Costas
Ben Crenshaw
Dan Aykroyd
John Tesh
Patrick Swayze
All of the above.