I still wear the same size earrings!
I still wear the same size earrings!
 Hi all,  This is what we posted on Facebook "Class Of 1970"
I’m sorry it’s taking us so long to get something together:( 
Hope you all can make it:) If you could help us spread the word or if you have emails please 
Hey there Class of ’70.  Unbelievably, it’s time for our 45th reunion.
Please help us celebrate with the “Big One Dayer”.  One big day of fun and camaraderie.
We held our 40th reunion at River's Edge Golf Course and they have agreed to let us come back.
We’re also repeating the golf tournament because everyone that played had such a good time.
So - here are the details:

Date:  Saturday, August 22, 2015
Golf Tournament starts at 1pm
   - Absolutely no skills required - just a good sense of humor!
   - $42 for 9 holes with cart
   - reserve your spot by calling Andy French at 541-480-2969 or email him at ajfrench@bendcable.com

The evening festivities will start at 5pm at the Clubhouse with a casual BBQ and no-host bar. The cost will be $20/person.  The plan is to keep it simple and casual - so nothing to do but catch up and reconnect!

Register for either the golf tournament and/or the evening festivities by clicking on the PayPal link below or by sending a check to: Class of 1970 c/o Red Carpet Car Wash, P.O. Box 5323,  Bend, OR  97709.
we hope you’ll join us for “The Big One”!
Boyle, Ford & Wheeler
Boyle, Ford & Wheeler
Like the Corners of my mind
Misty watered clored memories
of the Way We Were!

Scattered Pictures
of the smiles we left behind
Smiles We gave to one Another
For the Way We Were

Can it be that it was all so simple then
or has time rewritten every line
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell Me, Would We? Could We?

May be beautiful and yet
What is too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget.

So its the laughter
we will remember 
whenever we remember
The Way We Were
The Way We Were!!!!!!!!  

Stay tuned for memories and words!  Coming soon!
2014 Rose Bowl Bound!
2014 Rose Bowl Bound!
2014 Duck Football Season!  What another great Duck Football Season!  Once
again, it was a fantastic time to see old friends and Bendites each football game.
Of course a few of us got the red carpet treatment, courtesy, of Chris and Debbie
Wetle!  Can't thank them enough for hosting the tail gate party each game, and also
for the "Wetle Presidential Suite" at their home.  They are simply awesome, and will love and cherish them both for life!  It is very special to have childhood friends, and your best
friends for a lifetime.  

It was particularly wonderful this Duck season when Steve McClain joined us at 
a Duck game, and Marcia Grote came to town the same weekend!  What a fabulous
weekend of memories that was.  Eugene and Portland was rocking with Bendites.

We wish our beloved Duck many blessings for the Rose Bowl!  We are playing for
the National Title soon!

Blessings to all in 2015!  
PS:  Nice to send some good news for a change!
Treasure for a Lifetime!
Treasure for a Lifetime!
I received a very special Christmas Card in 2014.  It came from a classmate I have not
seen in 44 years, and it meant the world to me.

"Sending you a Christmas card reminds me of how you have crossed my path and
touched my life.  Warm Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Thank you so very much, it meant the world to me!

Blessings Veronica
Doug Peabody's Memorial Service will be on 8/24/14 from 3-to 8:00 pm at the Overlook House at 3839 N. Melrose.  Dr. Portland, Or. 97237.  There is limited parking, but
Max line is near by.

DOUGLAS Scott Peabody, 62, passed away in one of his favorite spots, his
parents home in Sequim, Wa.; after a battle with liver cancer for four months.

Doug also know by his family as ( Buggy-Dougy, Doug-A-Doo, Dugout, Roger & Rub-A-
Dub) was born in Anchorage, Alaska.  He and his family moved to Bend where he
graduated from Bend High in 1970.  After a few years in Eugene pursing music as
a major, he left for the adventure of working on the Alaska Pipeline in the mid 70's.
He later moved to Portland, where he received his degree in elementary education from
Portland State University.

Doug had many passions including sports, music and literature.  He was very literate
and musical, he was a Jazz DJ, part-owner of Great American Music in Bend (1980),
manager of Music Milennium (1985-1995) and more recently the owner of the
popular Book Store, "The Open Book", in Bend, Or. (1995-2014).  His sports passions
included fleecing his buddies with footall wagers, a yearly March Madness pool for
20 plus friends and family and skiing Mt. Bachelor for many years.

Doug married Sheila Martin and their daughter Alison was born in 1980.  He is
survived by his former wife Sheila; his daughter Alison of Portland; Parents Max
Peabody and his wife Mary; brothers Max Peabody III (Peggy) , Richard (Maloue)
and Wen (Angelina) and his sister Amy Peabody (Joseph Godinet) and his
niece Megan  Peabody and nephew Michael Peabody.

There wil be a Memorial for Doug from 3-8:00 pm on Sunday, 8-24-14 at the Overlook
House, 3839 N. Melrose Dr. Portland, Or. 97237.  

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame would be appreciated
by his family.
Storybook Properties
Storybook Properties
Wishing all my old classmates a Wonderful, Merry Christmas, and
many blessings in 2013!

It is the time of year, you really treasure the blessings of family and
friends, and a lifetime of memories.  I have enjoyed every single
Christmas Card because of the thought, time and care put into them.
In this day and age, it is electronic text messages, emails, generic facebook greetings, which usually includes "it is all about me!"

This week, it was wonderful to actually get a plate of home
baked cookies, receive photos of family & friends, have a meal with
just "good quality people", and most of all; being around people who
understand the meaning of the true "Christmas Sprit", and what a gift this special Christmas Holiday is all about.

Take a moment to open the door for someone, call someone you have been meaning to call forever-but life keeps getting in the way,
make a senior day, and drop by-remember you are a step away, but
above all else; just be the best you can be each day.  

Looking forward to a walk in the snow in Bend during the holidays, and remembering the "Way We Were!"

Blessings Always
Your Bearette Bud!
Mr. Magic Mom!
Mr. Magic Mom!
Our beloved Mr. Magic's Mom has received her Angel Wings!
Duane Zanon's mom passed away this last Wednesday, and her service will be
in Bend on April 12, 2013.  Please read the attached obituary for details.
I know Mr. Magic would love to see some of his old classmates, and I know
many would like to pay their respects to his beloved mom Barbara.
Barbara and Kevin Domby's folks were the only parents to make it to our
40th reunion, and darn did they all look great!  Mr. Magic must have done his magic
on his mom.  It was so great to have her join us, and I sure don't have half the
energy she had.
Our prayers and thoughts are with Duane Zanon and his family at this most difficult time.
Our blessings our with them.
August 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces Updates-Birthdays, Sympathy & Well Wishes

Some updated information for classmates who want to send well
wishes, sympathy notes or birthday wishes.

Missed birthdays, not on the calendar, so if you know of anyone,
let me know in advance.  The birthdays come off the calendar, not
there, don't know.
Happy Birthday to the following 3 bears who were on the same day as Scott Meyers.
Ralph Thomas, Dean Woodall & our lost bear Steve Deavereaux
were all on 8/18!!  Happy Birthday boys!!  Hope it was a good one.
I posted Lew Constable's obituary on the blog, unfortunately I
received after the service, so posted yesterday on the blog.  You can go to the class blog to read.  Marilyn Moffit Constable's address is 2595 Stewart St. Medford, Or. 97501.  I'm sure she would appreciate your words of support.

Cathy Kriger Meyers will be released today or tomorrow from
Cedar Sinai hospital in La, so best to send notes to her home
in Arizona.  1653 S Ash Dr. Chandler Az. 85286.  She will remain in LA for a few days to recover, and be a little stronger to travel.
Again, I am sure she would love some words of support and encouragement.  

Blessings To All



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