Poll for Planning:
The reunion committee met in October to get going on the 50th reunion. 
After discussion, the concensus, at that meeting was to contact the
Bend Riverhouse (not the convention side, but to see if there was still a conference room on the River side that might be available for August);
the Bend Country Club was another option to check on available dates for
August, and a 3rd option was the Brewery in the Old Mill with Mountain views.
Dates in August were discussed, and one Lava Bear was really hoping for
August 22.  It was decided to see who had what available, so we could confirm the dates of the reunion. 

OUt of the 4 dates given to the Riverhouse and the Bend Country Club, both only had 2 date options open, and both had tentative dates on the 2 dates that might be open.  The brewery was ruled out because they could not accomodate
the number for our class.   Bummer, as it was centrally located, and had a deck with great mountain views.  Jim Wilson came up with that great idea, and
it would have been wonderful, but we found out they couldn't accomodate us.

There appears to have been a glitch in securing a room for the Saturday night
dinner/band event, and as of today, there is no confirmation.  So I have added a poll date in the event, we have to select an alternate date. 

Many people have noted they have already starting booking hotels and flights,
so I am asking that no one else book anything until we have a confirmation for
our dinner event.  As soon as we get confirmation that we have secured
a venue for the dinner, it will be posted, and an email blast sent to all those
who have emails. 

If you know of anybody, who has changed their email or didn't have an email for
our 40th, let me know, and they will be added to the blast.  Unfortunaately, I don't have the time or energy to track down people to try to get their emails.
I did that for 1 1/2 years for the 40th, and have updated my data base as
people have let me know they had new addresses, phones or emails.  So if anybody knows of people that may have new addresses, phones or emails, please advise.  It would also be helpful, if those who get the email blasts, would send in current cell phone numbers, as most land lines are not used much. 

You can go to  to go to the class web site, and vote on the various polls.  That way, the committee can try to do what the majority of the class would prefer, as oppose to trying to know what most would prefer.  Of course, venues are limited, so we will have to go with what is available at this late date.

There are funds available to take care of our dinner venue and rent, so it will be more of an issue of who has dates available.  Also, taking into account locations, so in the event any Lava Bears are drinking, at our celebration, they can readily get a ride or uber back safely to their home or hotel. 

The reunion is for the entire class, so if anybody has an issue with funds for the events, know it is a non-issue.  Absolutely no one should not attend because it may be a tough time financially.  Just let us know, and it will be discreetly taken care of. 

Happy New Year!
Go Ducks!!!!!!! 
You better all get to bed early tonight so you are bright eyed and bushie tailed for the Rose Bowl Game tomorrow!

1) Friday night reunion options, pick your preference.
Friday night social in downtown Bend or close to downtown & hotels.
Friday night social out in country on land.
2) 1970 50th Reunion choices by classmates
Fri. night social, open Saturday day for classmates, Sat. night dinner/band
Friday night social, Scheduled Golf event & scheduled visit to Oregon Historical Society, Sat night dinner/band
Friday night social, scheduled golf event, scheduled tour of Bend High, Sat. night dinner/band
Friday night social, scheduled golf event, Sat. night dinner/band.

3) Which of the following would you prefer for Sat. Night social event.
Cocktails, dinner, and great band to listen and dance to.
Cocktails, dinner and no band.
No happy hour, just dinner.
4) What dates in August work best for your schedule & 50th reunion.
August 7-9
August 14-16
August 21-23
August 28-30 (Labor Day weekend so probably not a good date)

5) What is your preference for Saturday dinner/band event.
Riverhouse on the river, with area over looking river.
Bend Country Club.
Whatever is available.