Missing Bears! 

1. Wanda Lee Brown
 2..  Gary Burkhart
 4.  Claudia Cox
 5.  Sandra Marlene Daniels
 6.  Stephen Ernst
 7.  Patricia Ann Gander
 8.  Stewart J. Hall
 9.  Steven K. Hannen
10.  Donna Harris
11. Cathy Herriges
12. Sandi Hooper
13. Patricia J. Johnson
14. Peggy Jones
15. David Alan Marsh
16. Linda Kay Mathews
17. Mary Gretchen Nuchols
18. Mike Jerome Miller
20. Sherry-Lynn Over
21. Norm Schweiger
22. Sindy Smith
23.  Jerry Wacson
24. Janet Marie Witmeyer
25. Christine Ray  Witte

If you locate these "missing bears", please direct them to the site for all
the latest reunion info.  If you have any leads on any of these people for
example:  relatives in Bend,  family contact info, a married name, a last
known location, a college buddy who might know their whereabouts, please
email us at veronica@storybookproperties.com.    Your assistance in locating, these
"Missing Bears"  would be greatly appreciated.