I love living in the past!
I love living in the past!
Cheers to the 40th Reunion!

BHS 1970 40th Reunion!

Unforgettable describes the 1970 Bend High Class
 Reunion!  Within 4 hours of our last event,
the emails were streaming in wondering when
photos would be uploaded to the class web-site.
By midnight, I had received over 50 emails.  So
all you bears with photos; get them uploaded in
the 40th Reunion album or email bendhigh1970@
gmail.com, and we will upload them for you.
Thanks to everybody for making this such a
spectacular event!


1970 40th Reunion Album #2

We have so many fun photos from so many people,
we need a 2nd 40th Reunion Book!  Fill it up with
all your fun photos of your old Bear Bud!

40th Reunion Pictures Album #3!

Chris Wetle and Dean Guyer playing the perfect hole!
Mr. Guy Private Eye!  The 'Bear Hunter!'

Facebook Lava Bears!

There are many 1970 Lava Bears on Facebook!  Here are a few fun photos of
our Facebook Bears.  If you would like to share photos that you have seen on
Facebook or are a Facebook Bear that has posted a fun photo on Facebook; feel
free to add your photo to the Facebook Lava Bear Album.  Many of our "Old Bear
Buddies" don't do Facebook so they won't be able to enjoy!
'THESE GUYS ROCK!' The Tropix-Charlie  Nichols, Bruce Maudlin, Stuart LaFranchi & Carl Sell!

Then 1970 Lava Bears!

If anyone has some old photos of the "Way We Were" back in 1970 and before,
please post them for all "Old Bears to enjoy!"  

Now 1970 Lava Bears! (Today pics!)

Catch everyone up on any fun photos you might have denoting your life today!
You might want to put a caption on it!  Although, you probably don't look much
different than you did 40 years ago; it could just be in your head.  Some of us
"Old Bears" don't see as well as we use to so a caption would be helpful!

1967 Cascaders Yearbook

Our 9th grade yearbook at Cascade Junior High!  Recognize your Bear
Buds going at it?
Allen, First Grade, with Miss Merle Lilja  Top row: Mike _, Lindeen Rice, Steven Mathers, Shanna Zimmerman, Pamela _, Ne

Allen, Kenwood & Bear Creek School Class Photos!

Class photos were the norm in grade school.  Here are a few we could locate.  If you have photos of other classes, please send in a copy!
There are no photos in this album.