August 6, 2010
4 years, 5 months and 26 days since
our Reunion.
2014 Ducks Rose Bowl Bound!
2014 Ducks Rose Bowl Bound!
Doug Peabody!  Memorial 8/24/14 in Portland, Or. from 3-8:00 pm. at the Overlook House in Portland, Or. located at 3839 N. Melrose Dr. Portland, Or. 97237.  Parking is limited, but Max line is near by.  Go to class blog on this site for full obituary.
Storybook Properties
Storybook Properties

Happy Birthday to all September birthday bears!
Happy Birthday to all September birthday bears!
Dean Guyer celebrated his 2nd 30th birthday party at Elk Lake.
(Alias: voted best looking guy at our 40th reunion!)  Before the
party he ran 26 miles, biked 35 miles and swam 5 miles!  No wonder
he looks so great.  I'm not sure what the rest of the September Bears did, but I'm sure it was fun and exciting!

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What 3 bears have the same Sept Bday?

Martha Perry, Cari Millsap, Vicki Johnston
Martha Perry, Bonnie Reid, Bill Stadley
Shelley Smead, Sally Hootman, Cookie Chandler
All of the above.
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